FAQ - Admittance to the Program and Fall Kickoff

Questions before the August 31 Checkpoint

1) For students who have an interest in doing P4E but did not take part in the activities earlier this summer, do they need to do anything such as fill out Google Forms or officially apply?

If you're talking about students playing a supporting role, they would just need to get on a team and commit to enrolling in the course.  If you're talking about a lead role, they would need to be in touch with us and have an exceptional project.
b) Also, do students from other schools go through the same process?
No, they simply need to get the nod from a current team lead to join the team (and have a rational role on the team)
c) Lastly, just to double check, if a student's involvement can be justified, is there any reason he/she cannot be in P4E? (Essentially is it completely at our discretion and any "no" would be in the form of the entire team not moving forward?).
That's pretty much true.  I think we reserve the right to intervene if we see something that doesn't make sense to us. 
2) Regarding the presentation next Monday, are you looking for a PowerPoint presentation and having us go into more detail? Or is it virtually the same as last time + a short description on progress since then?
I think if you are presenting, then you should consider yourself "on the bubble, trying to get into the program".  Therefore, whatever you think makes sense to give the advisors a sense that you are a good team to let in.  

Also, you should be starting to think about the answers to the following questions: http://www.dukeven.com/Home/Evaluation
If you have time to try to answer these questions, that may be a step in the right direction. 

3) I have an undergraduate as well as several students from the Nicholas School who are possibly interested in doing P4E. Since they are not on the quarter system, how does course registration work out for them, particularly the add/drop period?
This is a little tricky, but they would need to add the course before add/drop.  What that means is 1) you need to agree they are on your team, 2) your team needs to be given approval into the course.  It's not for everyone, and it's not easy.  However, we are seeing other projects tackle this. 
b) Don't they need to know whether they will be in P4E or not well before the start of classes in October if they are going to sign up for the course?

4) Are teams being chosen before October?

Teams are being chosen on a rolling basis.  Based on the strength of the pool, our expectation is we will be done before October.

5) Hypothetically if it is now January and a student who was not part of P4E (did not apply to this point) and did not participate in Oct. - Dec., is interested in joining a team and there is a rational reason to bring that person on temporarily (like the 2 spring quarters), can the student join at that point? Essentially, even if you are playing a supporting role, do you have to be in P4E from the very beginning?

Any student from anywhere in the university can take any course in the sequence as long as they are on a team at that time. There is virtually no limitation on this. So, yes to your first question and no to your second.

6) Should we present at this Checkpoint?  Can we wait until October to present?

Because of the strength of some of the projects and teams, we are starting to let projects into the Program. By October there may not be any slots left, so it's a higher probability to present now.

Questions before October 14th Fall Kickoff

1) Once I am in the program, what should I do?

If and when you are accepted...

a) add your team to this directory of Active Projects http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AePcoht--3VpZGZwZHA0Y3dfNGM1bWdtNmdo&hl=en 

b) We have a mailing list for official Program announcements p4e2011@duke.edu - send me a list of all your teammates that will be enrolled in the Fall Term 2 class

emailaddress RealName
emailaddress RealName

c) Check and distribute this schedule to your teammates - http://www.dukeven.com/courses/fuqua-program-for-entrepreneurs/fall-2009-schedule
You'll want to come to anything that is NVC 1

d) Undergraduates - if you have any, it's important they have a good experience.  Make sure you let us know any issues that come up at any time. 

e) There is a Fall Kickoff Meeting for the entering projects on October 14th - be prepared to present your idea again.
October 14, 4:00 - 6:15                    NVC 1:  Kick-off meeting (classroom: LEAMAN)