FAQ for Undergraduate and Non-Fuqua Graduate Students

Questions from undergraduates and non-Fuqua students at Duke
1) What do the undergraduates get out of this, other than some experience? Do they get paid?  

Undergraduates would get course credit, subject to approval.  

We have course credit for NV 1 and 2 from Lisa Keister and for NV 3 from Lisa Keister and Emma Rasiel

For Emma for NV 3, contact her directly and cc us. She will set you up with an Independent Study titled: Econ 194.04: "Special Topics - New Ventures: Operating Plan"

2) Time commitment: both how many hours per week, and over how long a time frame. 

So, it could be as little as one semester and as long as two years. 
The determining factors would be a) Does the undergraduate student fit well on the team? and b) Is the the startup still viable, and therefore still moving forward?

On the short end, one semester, it's possible the startup stops making progress.  At which point the team may disband.  It's also possible that the team needs a different skillset, so they may reformulate the team.

On the long end, two years, it's possible that the startup keeps making forward progress, and the undergraduate fits well on the team.  They would continue with the sequence of courses that is laid out in the Program for Entrepreneurs.

In terms of the hours per week - that's up to the student to negotiate with the team lead - it will vary on how much needs to be done and how much the student can contribute.  Our expectation is that it would be similar to an intensive course at Duke.

3) I was interested in helping out with the Program for Entrepreneurs and earning course credit. I submitted my information as an interested duke student, but just noticed that the deadline to join a team was July 24th. Is there any way to still join a team after that deadline?

The information session for undergraduates will be in late August and that's when we'll start the process of connecting undergraduates to projects (though you might get some requests before as well).

Teams can always evolve (join at any time, based on team leaders discretion). Mid-October is next checkpoint for teams.  In other words, don't worry about July 24th.

4) How do I register for NV1 as a non-Fuqua graduate student?

a) From Allyson Jones, Fuqua Registrar

As for the non-Fuquas, please have them return to the form to us by Friday (October 23rd) if possible.  The form can be found on our website.  See info below.

Please visit our website for information regarding non-Fuqua student registration in a Fuqua course<http://www.fuqua.duke.edu/student_resources/registration/non_fuqua_students/>.  The Duke Grad/Prof Student Course Registration form can be found on our website and will need to be submitted to our office.

The Fuqua Registrars' Office is located in the basement level of East Keller wing, under the Fox Student Center.  Take the stairs down to the basement and we are located in the Student Services Suite to the left.

Please note our registration dates<http://www.fuqua.duke.edu/student_resources/registration/non_fuqua_students/registration_dates/> may differ from your department of school of study.

b) Getting a Master of Engineering Management (Pratt) student registered?

From Brad Fox, Exec Director of the Master of Engineering Management program
"This course looks like a great experience and we would count this class as a required elective toward our graduation requirements. 


Regarding registration, our students typically enroll using a Google Docs form.  We collate the data and send it to the Fuqua registrar.  Fuqua begins to consider our students after Fuqua’s drop/add has passed. This is an existing process and is the best way to handle MEMP student registration for this course. The official deadline for Fuqua course registration has passed for our students, but we will still consider submissions for students seeking to take STRATEGY 491.101 New Ventures Creation 3.


One of our requirements for Fuqua registration is Faculty approval.  Will you be selecting students to participate in this course or will any student interested be able to take it (up to the class size limit of course)?


If you will be selecting the students, please let us know who you have selected and we will only forward those students to the Fuqua registrar for enrollment.

c) Getting a Nicholas School MEM student registered?

From Cynthia Peters
"If this course is a graduate level course, is valued at 3 credit hours (a full course) and, if graded the student has to take it for a grade, then the student may count the credits towards his/her degree as a general elective course. However, the best thing for the student to do is to meet either with me or with his/her course work advisor to see how the course might fit into their overall academic program. If the student is hoping to use the course to fulfill a program requirement for his/her program area then the student must discuss the matter with his/her course work advisor to determine if the course is appropriate for a program requirement.

Registration for the course would involve filling out the non-Fuqua student enrollment request form, attaching to it an email with permission from the instructor and bringing the form to me for my signature. Then the form and permission email would need to be delivered to the Fuqua registrar to complete the process."