Fall 2009

List of Active Projects - Program for Entrepreneurs

As of August 2009

Note: Undergraduates that wish to join a project will need to contact the team leads, convince the team leads to add them to the project, and enroll by the add/drop deadline for this semester.

Projects Graduating with the Class of 2011

Currently starting NVC 1: Opportunity Evaluation

Cell Seeding Technology for Implantable Cardiovascular Devices
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States.  Cell Seeding Technology is developing cutting edge technology that, using only a sample of blood, can create personalized medical devices that are specific to individual patients.  By coating cardiovascular implants (stents, heart pumps, etc.) with the patient’s own cells, we create a bio-compatible medical device that prevents the body’s immune system from recognizing and attacking the foreign implant.  This innovative technology will significantly reduce the incidence of serious implant-related complications, including heart attack, stroke, and death.
For more information, please contact Garrett Muramoto (garrett.muramoto@fuqua.duke.edu) or Sharon Kaplan (sharon.kaplan@fuqua.duke.edu) with a brief description of your skills and interests relevant to this project, and a copy of your CV.

Innovation Education International
The proposed business idea is to promote innovation in the developing world by empowering the people of these areas through education of the “Process of Innovation” (POI). This will be achieved via a self-contained modular educational system that will provide a systematic step-by-step method of learning and applying the many steps involved in the innovation process. 

Team Leads: Joe McMahan '11, Jessie End '11, Joe Knight '11
Contact joe.mcmahan@fuqua.duke.edu

Medical device to treat urinary incontinence 
Team Lead: Joe Knight '11
Contact joe.knight@fuqua.duke.edu

Methane Capture Project
Powerpoint about the project
Create a business model of an offset aggregating business for carbon offsets generated from hog farms. 
Team Leads: Jeff Kovick '11 and Lauren Willoughby '11
Contact lauren.willoughby@fuqua.duke.edu

Battery Swap for Electric Rickshaws in India
Like Blue Rhino for propane gas tanks, this startup would provide exchangeable batteries for Electric Rickshaws
Team Leads: Amrut Dhumal '11 and Nick Donowitz '10
Contact amrut.dhumal@fuqua.duke.edu and nicholas.donowitz@duke.edu

General Nano

Spinning carbon nanotubes (lighter and stronger than steel) into electrically conductive thread for use in multiple industries.
Team Lead: Andrew Simon '11
Contact andrew.simon@fuqua.duke.edu

eCIRK - Immunization Records Depot

Create a central repository for all immunization records for easier tracking and handling
Team Leads: Shal Chowdhury '11 and Fred Kuo '11
Contact shal.chowdhury@fuqua.duke.edu and fred.kuo@duke.edu


Internet portal for environmental programs, activities, and general information 
Team Lead: John Ullman '11
Contact john.ullman@fuqua.duke.edu

Eye Innovations

Medical device to assist individuals with Glaucoma by draining the abundance of fluid in the eye
Team Lead: Roberto Alfaro '11
Contact roberto.alfaro@fuqua.duke.edu

25th Hour Media

            Turning online news and blog postings into audio content available on mobile devices
            Team Leads:  Sanjay Krishnamurthy '10, Adam Zwecker JD/MBA '10, Nick Sehn '11
            Contact  nick.sehn@fuqua.duke.edu

Greenhouse Foods
            Informational website for helping people with dietary restrictions find appropriate foods
            Team Lead: Brooke Henze '11, brooke.henze@fuqua.duke.edu


E-learning network and platform that allows small companies, schools, non-profits and individuals to have their own e-learning environment as an on-line service and to buy/sell e-learning contents in the network
Team Lead: Riccardo Reati, MBA 2011


            Online platform for connecting companies with consultants in a novel way
            Wen Wang: wen.wang@fuqua.duke.edu

Projects Graduating with the Class of 2010

Currently starting NVC 3: Operating Plan

Creating spider silk from genetically modified silk worms
Video about the project: http://video.forbes.com/fvn/breakout/changing-the-world-with-silk
Team Leads: Mark Smallwood '10 and Jonathan Gibbs '10
Contact mark.smallwood@fuqua.duke.edu and jonathan.gibbs@fuqua.duke.edu

Fitness Education (FitEd)
Videos and Games that combine education and fitness for helping children stay fit and improve test scores
Video about the project: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZ2yLjAGTTw
Team Leads: Rasheed Wiggins '10 and Amar Srinivasan '10
Contact rasheed.wiggins@fuqua.duke.edu

PTP (Wind Energy)
Building wind farms in international locations
Video about the project: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ4fuXVui4s
Team Leads: Adam Mangone '10 and Tommy Thekkekandam '10
Contact adam.mangone@fuqua.duke.edu