Sample list of potential causes of failure

This is a partial list of ways a venture may fail. The list serves to illustrate both the breadth of factors to consider as well as the level at which these factors should be framed.

  1. Nobody wants what you are selling.
  2. Somebody wants it, but they don’t represent a real market.
  3. People want it, but for some reason they can’t buy it or can’t use it.
  4. People want it, but you can’t get it to them (economically).
  5. The technology doesn’t work.
  6. The technology works but you can’t protect it.
  7. The technology works but you can’t get it into a reasonable product.
  8. You build a bad product.
  9. You can’t build your product for a low enough cost.
  10. Somebody introduces a better product.
  11. Somebody has the power to stop you and exercises it.
  12. You need somebody else in the value chain to do something and they don’t.
  13. You can’t find the right people.
  14. You just don’t execute on something important.